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Copyright © 1999-2004
Sergey I. Yevtushenko

Cell Toolkit for OS/2 PM

Current version 0.7b, Updated: Wed 25/10/2000

Cell toolkit is a small library for OS/2 PM. It was designed to simplify implementation of two important parts of user interface (UI):

  • Split views
  • Toolbars

What is split view? This is representation of information in one window split vertically or horizontally into two or more parts with split bar which can be moved by user, like at picture below.

Features of Cell Toolkit

    • Split views
    • Optional split bar
    • Fixed or free resizeable panes
    • Horizontal/vertical split
    • Unlimited nesting of split views
    • User controlled "rotating" splitbars
    • Simple saving/restoring of splitbar status
    • Toolbars
    • Unlimited number of toolbars
    • Docking/undocking with drag'n'drop
    • Optional bubble help

Toolkit provided for free and with full source code.

You can download current version of Cell Library here.

Changes in recent version. (full history is included in package)

    + Support for swapping cells via SetSplitType()
    + Support for "rotating" splitbar via RMB click on splitbar
    + Support for hiding cells at run time
    * Minor bug fixes and enchancements