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Copyright © 1999-2004
Sergey I. Yevtushenko

Fast Editor Lite for OS/2

Current version 0.2.31, Updated: May 4, 2004

FED is VIO mode programmers editor. It's fast, small in size and flexible.

A lot of useful macro already present in default configuration file and you may add your own written either in simple built-in or REXX language.

FED version 0.2.27 and up contains automatic completion of the typed text feature. This feature is off by default. In configuration file provided with FED switching autocompletion on/off is assigned to F4 key and selection of the next substitution is assigned to Ctrl+S key. Autocompletion does not work if current highlighting mode is set to No highlighting

NOTE: FED versions 0.2.28-0.2.31 are significantly rewritten, partially during adding complete support of TAB character, partially during refactoring and cleanup in preparation to future enchancements. Although I did my best to carefully check and test all these changes but problems are possible and bug reports are welcome.

FAST Editor Lite is distributed as open source project under BSD-like license.

Features of FED:
  • CUA style blocks
  • Full UNDO
  • Syntax highlighting for C/C++/Java/REXX/TeX/HTML/ASM/Makefile/Pascal/Perl/Mail
  • Stream and rectangular blocks
  • Auto indent
  • Conversion to upper/lower case characters/blocks with NLS support
  • Automated russian codepage detection of source files
  • Bracket matching for ()/{}/[]/<> bracket pairs
  • Flexible key assignment
  • Transparent with PM clipboard
  • Block sort of rectangular blocks with NLS collate support
  • Keyboard macro recorder/player
  • REXX macro support
  • Saving of last cursor position and other data in Extended Attributes
  • Unix/DOS file formats supported
  • Up to 10 user accessible JumpLists supported
  • kbInit/kbDone/kbTimer pseudo keys
  • Word wraping
  • Named pipe interface
  • Optional opening of file in one instance of the editor
  • Configurable smart indent for C/C++/REXX/ASM/Pascal/Perl
  • Support for "flashing" matching bracket
  • Regular expression search with subexpression substitution
  • History for search/open files (stored in EA)
  • Autocompletion

Syntax highlighting for HTML supports highlighting of the embedded PHP and Javascript code.

Fast Editor Lite Screenshot

Click for full size image.

You can download current version of FED here.

Changes in recent version. (full changes history is included in package)

        - removed fedGet/fedSet
        + added editor.startup.directory variable
        * fixed damage of memory buffer during INI reload
        + added external apps launcher with pipe redirection with regexp
          filtering (fedExec)
        * cleaned up and updated FED.INI (get rid of fedSed/fedGet and such)
        * some changes in config.txt (not finished)
        * fixed macro recording

        * fixed deletion of the empty line during performing word wrap
          with merge enabled
        * fixed tracking of the bookmarks during line adding/removing
        + added some REXX APIs
        + added fedRxMatch (match string with regular expression and
          return subexpressions if necessary)
        * fixed undo after line split in some cases
        * fixed highlighting after backspace
        * fixed some minor problems in FED.INI
        * minor change in substitution algorithm (should improve
          autocompletion usability)
        + common variable pool for editor and REXX API, including key
        + REXX common procedures
        + displaying REXX error messages
        + added restoring of initial (startup) screen
        + added command to show initial (startup) screen
        - POSIX regular expressions assumed everywhere and alternative
        code removed
        * started imporving docs
        * fixed backward search
        + updated PCRE sources included for convenience

Some useful macro shipped with FED.
Assigned keyDescription
Ctrl+F1 Locate function under cursor in CPREF.
Alt+F9 Execute NMAKE, build JumpList and show it. Some kind of replacement of similar command of old Borland's IDE.
Shift+F9Show error list built by Alt+F9 again.
Alt+V Show list of all functions in current file. Algorithm is not very smart but function is very convenient.
kbInit Load additional FED.INI if starting directory specified in list. Useful for adjusting FED configuration for purpose of group of projects and/or for projects with complex directory structure.
Ctrl+F2 Execute specified command and put its output into clipboard.
Ctrl+F3 Convert marked HEX dump into character string.
Ctrl+F4 Simple expression calculator. Result is returned in clipboard.
Ctrl+F5 Prepare data in clipboard for insertion into HTML. Actually replaces < and > into &lt; and &gt; respectively.
Ctrl+Q Insert <b></b> HTML tag. If there marked block is present then it will be moved between <b> and </b>.