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Copyright © 1999-2004
Sergey I. Yevtushenko

PU Monitor for OS/2 PM

Current version 2.1 (build 166), Updated: Tue 19/02/2002

PU Monitor is a system monitoring tool for OS/2 PM.
Primarily targeted to replace Warp Center Monitors panel it's now a feature rich and useful monitoring tool.

Just compare two pictures below.

WarpCenter with PU Monitor
PU Monitor attached to WarpCenter

PU Monitor now is free and avaliable with full source code!

You can download current version of PU Monitor here.

PU Monitor can track following information:

  • CPU Usage
  • TCP/IP traffic on the selected interface
  • Amount of free RAM
  • System uptime
  • Number of mails in POP3 mailbox
  • Dial-up link connection

PU Monitor features:

  • Highly configurable look & feel
  • Unique 'Attach to Warp Center' feature
  • Very small amount of the consumed desktop space

Changes in recent version. (full history is included in package)

+ - added
* - fixed
- - dropped

build 166
        + Merged updates from knut st. osmundsen
        + Adaptive format for memory amount number
        + 3D look for text
        + Mail checker supports up to 5 boxex now
        + 'Lock in place' disables moving of splitbars

build 165
        + Merged updates from "Nick Kurshev" 
        * Other minor updates and cleanups